Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Such a great day! Connor tried out for our Bixby Swim team and made it on Bronze upper level! Extremely well for a beginner & his age group! We are so so proud! John & Zach took him because Adi had gymnastics. Life is so busy with 4 kids...all in activities...we had to get a sitter for Austin. Ugh :/
We are just thrilled to be settling into Bixby and getting the kids into groups they love.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Amazing Austin

Happy Birthday to our amazing boy Austin! You have filled the past 2 years with so much love, joy, chaos, laughter, and tons of adventure! Each day we are thankful for you. We love you more than words! You got sick this we are having your party in a couple weeks and plan to spend the day snuggling, eating cupcakes, and playing around the house. Thank you for making our lives complete. John Austin Gage
2 years January 26th, 2013. 
PS...I Love this picture of you with your Big Blue eyes, cookie in mouth, and truck in hand...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Too Long To Do

We are settling into Bixby. I totally realize I am writing to myself here, but I will not say how I really feel! Life is tough sometimes.
I have SO many goals for this year. Create some income as a SAHM...super tough. I have always had some income of my own until this year, and that is hard!
Fitness: YOGA ...
Keep sewing. I suck at sewing!
Get our home ready to sell...we need out of our neighborhood and into a farmhouse. BAD

Other items on my list:
get back to riding horses
summer garden
organize shutterfly (HUGE job...ugh)

That is it for my boring post.